Personnel Solutions


Utilizing the CHS Temporary Staffing service allows businesses the flexibility to adjust to the supply of workers quickly and at a predictable cost. Call us when you have staffing needs for: extra workloads, staff expansion, special projects, overtime, medical leave, deadlines, and seasonal needs. You decide the length of the assignment, and we will send you qualified employees who can cover that time frame. We have candidates who are ready to work. Let us take the stress of finding temporary employees from your company.


The “working interview” that Temp-to-Hire staffing offers gives the employee an opportunity to showcase their skills based on job performance rather than a short interview. Through our service, you have the opportunity to evaluate an employee’s capabilities before hiring him/her as your employee. You may bring them on as a temporary employee for at least 480 hours. After the completion of these hours, you decide if our candidate is right for your position. You are under no obligation. If, at that point, you feel that it is a mutually beneficial relationship, you may bring on that employee at no additional cost. If you decide to hire our employee before the 480 hours have been completed, a fee will be charged based on the number of hours worked to date by that employee for your company.


Carol Harris Staffing, LLC will help you identify and screen candidates for any need you may have for immediate full-time employees. All you need to do is to give us a job description and candidate criteria. We will submit only top candidates for your review. If you choose one of our candidates, a finder’s fee will be charged. There is no other fee for this service.


Carol Harris Staffing, LLC will place the individual on our payroll and we will be responsible for paying his/her wages as well as the social security, worker’s compensation, and unemployment taxes. You decide the pay rate and we will bill you at a discounted rate. This service applies to situations where you may already have an individual in mind for a position, but would prefer not to make that person an employee of your company at this time.